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The Fine Art Of Thin Needles

Acupuncture, one of the two main branches of Traditional East Asian Medicine, refers to the insertion of thin filiform needles into specific points on the body. The arrangement of these needles is intended to address each patient’s chief complaint by working to balance the body’s functions so that you can be the healthiest version of you possible.

Sara Lohmeyer with her acupuncture patient at Bodies on Point

Steps to Becoming A New Patient

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Can acupuncture help me?


East Asian Medicine and Acupuncture can help with almost all issues of the body! Acupuncture and East Asian Herbs are customized to treat your body and its individual needs. From pain, to stress, to fertility, to complementary medicine with all major western medical diagnoses, I can get you back on point!

Pregnancy & Fertility

We can get your body baby ready and keep you comfortable throughout the pregnancy.


Studies prove that acupuncture is more effective than opiates for pain management and don’t have the addictive side effect.

Family Wellness

Acupuncture and East Asian Herbs are safe and effective for the whole family! Great for preventative health and to treat common cold to digestive issues.

Mental & Emotional

Acupuncture and East Asian Herbs can greatly benefit patients’ mental and emotional well-being.


East Asian medicine Is Herbal Medicine

The wisdom captured in this simple statement cannot be overstated. And its reality is demonstrated on a daily basis in China, where when one visits the doctor s/he goes home with several bags of raw herbs to be brewed into a tea.

This is not the case here in the West, where one often receives acupuncture, but few if any herbs.

In our opinion, this does a disservice to the patient by limiting the effectiveness of East Asian medicine. Westerners want immediate results, but they also want those results to last. And East Asian herbs are the most effective and efficient way to achieve both of these goals.

We prescribe herbs, typically either powders or pills, to the majority of our patients. If you have not tried East Asian herbs, and are interested in including this in your health regimen, then simply schedule an appointment and express your desire to explore this new frontier in your treatments.

Natural Cold remedies made from Chinese Herbs by Sara Lohmeyer to keep you On Point
acupuncture and moxa treatment

Digestive Disorders


Irregular Menstration


Painful Menstration




Chronic Fatigue


Plantar Fasciitis


Sleep Disorders


Emotional Support


Acute & Chronic Pain


Immune Support

We Changed Their Lives

{Sara is amazing! She has successfully treated my toddler's constipation and other tummy troubles in a manner that was fun and effective for the little ones.
{I had a chance to work with Sara and it was awesome. She listened to what my needs were and it was amazing the results. I would highly recomend her to anyone who is looking for Acupuncture and non western solutions!
{Sara leads with compassion and caring for all her clients. She is extremely talented in the art of Chinese medicine, and provides as much of the mental healing as the physical side. She has cured everything from my every day cold to the constant swelling in my surgically repaired knee. If it was not for Sara I would not be able to enjoy my active lifestyle playing hockey, riding bikes with my kids, and coaching soccer. Thank you Sara for your kind heart, honesty, and uplifting positivity!

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Our proprietary blends of Traditional East Asian Herbs are made with daily use in mind.

Whether at home or on the go, these remedies are safe, effective, and easily fit into the busiest of schedules!