April Showers bring . . . .

We know the weather has been giving us all a run for our money these days, but do not lose hope. It is Colorado after all and while “Springter” is not an official season, we all know it’s real!

This craziness provides us a perfect context to discuss this month’s organ system, the Gallbladder.

Considered by Western medicine to be a mostly useless organ, as evidenced by their eagerness to remove it at the first signs of discomfort, the Gallbladder is anything but worthless. In fact, according to TCM the Gallbladder plays a crucial role in our ability to make decisions. It controls the capacity to plan and act accordingly, so if you find yourself unable to think clearly, make a plan, and execute it, (sort of like Colorado right now) then you (and it) might be suffering from a Gallbladder disharmony of some kind.

Speaking of feeling foggy headed, did you know that acupuncture and Chinese herbs are an excellent way to tackle your allergy symptoms? Because all too soon as “Springter” transforms into actual Spring, the pollen will begin to fly and our eyes (and noses) will begin to cry. Schedule your next appointment now to get ahead of the game if you’ve suffered from seasonal allergies in the past. Or if you are lucky enough to not be affected, but know someone who really suffers be sure to suggest they look into acupuncture.

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Sara and Thaddeus