Back to school with Liz

Aug 14, 2019 | News

Back to School, end of Summer, beginning of Fall – all filled with so many emotions, and changes in the earth and in our bodies. 

 My middle schooler is going back to school next week, so I may be feeling these transitions a little earlier than some.  I’m wanting to create a calm, warm safe space for all my family members as they make these possibly subtle, perhaps enormous feeling transitions.  

Connection, feeling tethered, feeling heard and understood, feeling safe in one’s skin and in one’s environment are all so important.  Touch is an incredibly potent way to make someone feel calm and comfortable. Learning how your loved ones like to be touched is a wonderful gift.  Maybe they enjoy deep shoulder rubs, or foot rubs, or maybe they just want a hand on their back or an occasional hug. Everyone is so different.  

Taking the time to really learn what makes each person feel loved and accepted and then giving them those little gifts of connection when they need them, will go a long way in making your and their world a more generous, safe, connected place from which to venture out into the world trying new things and stretching boundaries.  

I have to admit that as a massage therapist, I love figuring out how each person likes/needs to be touched in order to make them feel safe, calm, comfortable and hopefully healed.  It’s a two way street. I am left feeling all those same things as well. Thank you.