COVID-19 and Bodies On Point, By Thaddeus Haas

Mar 31, 2020 | News

There has been a lot of talk recently about our responsibility to flatten the curve by staying home. This is, of course, good and necessary advice for us to follow. But how can we be prepared to continue our mission of flattening the curve in the event that we get sick? 

Because, as it turns out, the “curve” is not really about how many people get sick with the novel Coronavirus, since current estimates are that somewhere between 50%-70% of us will be affected by it in the coming years. The “curve” is about when we get sick, and more importantly, if we will need access to a hospital when we do. 

This is where the effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicine comes in handy. This is because unlike Western medicines, such as antivirals and antibiotics which attack the virus or the bacteria, Chinese medicine addresses the symptoms you are experiencing. This is a crucial step in limiting the possibility that you will need medical intervention if and when you get sick. 

Because you see it is not the Coronavirus per se which is the problem. It is our body’s response to dealing with the pathogen that is the issue. So, what we are often seeing is that a patient fighting the Coronavirus spikes a fever, develops a cough, and then in the worst case scenario their lungs begin to produce a significant amount of mucus. This mucus accumulation is the real issue as this medium presents the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria, leading to bacterial pneumonia. Bacterial pneumonia can make it extremely difficult to breathe due to mucus obstruction and by limiting your lungs ability to effectively and efficiently oxygenate your blood. It is in this situation when a patient needs hospitalization and a ventilator to survive. 

However, this production of mucus is again our body’s response to the virus, not the virus itself. The science of Chinese herbology goes back thousands of years and we have a number of ways to manage and address this and other symptoms associated with the manifestation of the virus. We have at our disposal a cornucopia of herbal products which can limit mucus production and others which can transform it and flush it from the body. We have a vast materia medica which can in addition lower one’s fever or lessen one’s cough. 

This is why Chinese herbal medicine is so relevant today, because if you do get sick and are able to take advantage of alternative forms of medicine then you are doing your part to flatten the curve by ensuring that the limited Western medical facilities are there and available for the most severely affected among us.

Our clinic, Bodies on Point is currently unable to see patients in person, however, we are available to see you virtually through Zoom. We will be able to look at your case and decide on an appropriate herbal treatment to help you treat the worst of your symptoms and ideally keep you from needing to go to the doctor. Herbs can either be delivered or we can arrange a drop pickup depending on the situation.

It should be noted that there are currently some herbal shortages and it is unknown how long these will last and what impact this might have on our ability to treat patients, however, we remain committed to providing you the best care possible with the tools at our disposal. 

It should be said that the best medicine at the moment for most of us is to eat well, sleep well, stay hydrated, exercise daily, wash our hands, stay home if at all possible, and find time to de-stress whether this be through meditation or some other means. For those suffering significant emotional and mental strain or poor sleep due to the current environment, Chinese herbal medicine can offer some assistance in these areas as well. So don’t hesitate to reach out. 
Feel free to email us in order to set something up.

Thaddeus Sara