Let’s stay Healthy in 2020!

Jan 14, 2020 | News

I’m just going to say it . . .”get a coat and hat on that kid!”  I’m a mom, and I know what a struggle it is to get the appropriate clothes on kids, not to mention making sure these clothes make it back home when it warms up and kids start shedding their layers!  Here’s the deal: no you won’t get sick from being outside, BUT you are weakening your defenses by running around without the proper layers on to protect you from getting sick. You lose the most heat from your head.  Your neck is your wind gate which is where those colds like to sneak in. And speaking of kidneys, the kidney system is related to your knees. When it’s cold outside and your head, neck, and/ or knees are exposed, you are inviting all those germs from your friends, neighbors (and people sneezing as they walk past you) directly into your body.  And say you are a bit run down, lacking in sleep, not eating the best, whatever, all of this creates the perfect storm and BAM! You (or your kids) are sick. Yes- I love wearing skirts with boots in the winter and I am racing out to buy tights now! My kids insist on wearing shorts everyday so we compromise with tights. We have quite the collection of boys basketball tights!  So as we are making resolutions for the new year to get/ stay/ be healthy, remember the simplest way to keep you and your kids On Point . . . Get a hat and coat on! And for all those sniffling noses that do come up- try my Common Cold tincture! Purchase at Bodies On Point or online at Remediesonpoint.com. $20 or any 3 tinctures for $50!