NO April Foolin’

Apr 2, 2020 | News

Well, we thought maybe we would wake up yesterday and hear on the news that this had all been just one horrible April Fool’s joke. No such luck. And so here we are today still in the very same unimaginable predicament. We know you are getting bombarded by update after update these days so we will keep this short. 

Latest News and Situation: 

  • DORA and the State of Colorado finally has recognized us a part of the “Essential Critical Care Providers” along with chiropractors, naturopaths, and other alternative healthcare providers. This is a meaningful recognition of our position and function as a medicine and while it doesn’t really change our ability to see patients at the moment, since thankfully the vast majority of you are not critical, it should increase our ability to help you and all Coloradans to recover from this event in due time. 
  • Both Sara and Thaddeus are still seeing patients remotely via Zoom. So, in the event that you do fall ill, or if you simply want to maintain your health during this time, reach out to schedule your virtual herbal consultation. 
  • With all our “free time” we have been posting a bit more on our blog. Thaddeus has just penned a piece discussing the role that utilizing Chinese herbal medicine can have in flattening the curve. It is entitled “Covid 19 and Bodies on Point.” You can check it out here.
  • Just a reminder that Bodies on Point is now officially an out of network insurance provider. To see if you are able to offset your acupuncture costs via your insurance click here and fill out the form. Wholistic Billing Services will take care of the rest and be in communication. 
  • Finally, just a quick reminder. We started Bodies on Point out of a strong and principled desire to help others. And we look forward to returning in our service to you as soon as possible. However, right now we could really use your help as well. Without the ability to see patients our hands are tied financially and we need to do everything we can to spread the word about the power and effectiveness of Chinese medicine so that when this ends our waiting room is full of people for us to help. The one thing you can do that will help make this a reality, and which will only take a few minutes, is write a simple review or testimonial on our Google page. Just follow the link and click on Google Reviews to compose your heart’s desire. We cannot thank you enough.

Stay strong. Sleep well. Eat healthy. Exercise and meditate everyday. Together we will get through this.