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We Changed Their Lives

{Sara is amazing! She has successfully treated my toddler's constipation and other tummy troubles in a manner that was fun and effective for the little ones.
{I had a chance to work with Sara and it was awesome. She listened to what my needs were and it was amazing the results. I would highly recomend her to anyone who is looking for Acupuncture and non western solutions!
{Sara leads with compassion and caring for all her clients. She is extremely talented in the art of Chinese medicine, and provides as much of the mental healing as the physical side. She has cured everything from my every day cold to the constant swelling in my surgically repaired knee. If it was not for Sara I would not be able to enjoy my active lifestyle playing hockey, riding bikes with my kids, and coaching soccer. Thank you Sara for your kind heart, honesty, and uplifting positivity!