Remedies On Point

Jan 8, 2019 | Herbal Medicine

Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist Sara Lohmeyer creates her own tinctures and salves for everyday uses.

Did you know that Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Sara Lohmeyer, makes her own tinctures and salves?  They are available via the website or by stopping in at 2040 East 28th Ave, Denver.  These tinctures and salves are meant to be kept on hand for everyday use:  Common Cold- to be used at the first onset of a cold;  On The Go- to be used daily to boost immune system, increase energy, prevent altitude sickness;  Allergy- to be used to prevent allergies and to help ease everyday attacks of allergies;  The Cure- this tincture is used to ease upset stomache due to overeating, eating foods that don’t agree with you, and any other upset tummy feelings;  R&R- everyone’s favorite tincture created to help with stress of daily life and/ or to help ease the body and mind in to rest at the end of the;  Moxa Roller- the magic wand of Chinese Medicine, Moxa, or mugwort, can be used to boost immune system, ease all types of pain and injuries, increase blood flow to the body, sooth the mind;  Muscle salve- this salve is perfect to apply to sore muscles and joints and gives quick relief;  Skin Salve-this salve is perfect for all skin conditions- rashes, cuts, burns-kitchen or sun- scrapes, acne.  If it has to do with the skin, this will help!

Call me or check out my website for more information!  720-381-4165.