Wearing the same old walking or running shoes you’ve had for a while?  Yes, I was too, and my back was starting to get tight and achy and my feet felt tired all the time.  So my family who was tired of looking at my raggedy, old tennis shoes, bought me a new shiny pair and lo and behold health crawled up my spine to my head.  My feet feel relaxed and my spine feels like it is in better alignment. My hips are not tensed and I’m in a better mood. Unbelievably simple fix to a host of potential problems.  

Feet are so important to the big picture of our bodies.  Massage helps to relax the muscles of the feet so you can relax down into the earth and let the ground cradle you into standing, rather than relying on your muscles to hold you up.  And of course there are points all over our feet that relate to all the organs and parts of the rest of our bodies. Giving your feet some care is a way to keep yourself aligned and healthy.