Listen to your body!

Mar 12, 2019 | News

Ok now that we are talking about the liver and how it houses our ethereal soul and is affected by anger, I have to vent for a tiny moment.  I’ve been thinking about why it is difficult for me to say “no” in some situations. I mostly assume it’s a character defect that I have, and I have vowed many times to “fix” it.  It usually takes me a lot of thought and negotiation and courage- summoning to say “no.” I agonize about all the ramifications, how I will be perceived and what will happen in the actual moment that the “no” is received, as well as what will occur in the future as the result of the dreaded and scary “NO”.


Ok stay with me.  


I often find myself telling people to “trust their bodies”.  This mostly relates to their physical health, injury recovery, realignment, and the changing of physical patterning and activities.  We are constantly trying to get back to homeostasis or balance.


Point of all this:

Our bodies are SO smart!  Our bodies know when it is healthy for us to say “no” and when it is healthy for us to say “yes”!  It takes a moment of quiet listening. Shutting down the monkey mind for a moment. When posed with the responsibility or opportunity to make a decision, our heart rate changes, our muscles tense or relax… Knowing if it’s fear talking to you, or anger, or if it’s the voice that knows what’s best for you in that moment, can save you so much agony, analysis, confusion and time.   I know, easier said than done. You know the feeling of having made a decision quickly and then thought better of it. A small betrayal of your intuition.

Learning to trust what your body is telling you is well worth the effort.

Thank you for listening.  🙂