Looking Outside . . .March Newsletter

Apr 2, 2019 | News

It might be hard to believe looking outside, but it’s actually SPRING! (at least according to the Chinese calendar.)

As residents of Colorado, we know that Spring comes on in fits and starts and that more often than not we are outside running one day and shoveling ourselves out the next. But somehow or other we make it through and are rewarded in the end.

But, this constant up and down and back and forth combined with the upsurging nature of the season (reflected in the new growth surrounding us), can spell trouble for our emotional stability. As we will be discussing in depth throughout the upcoming months, FRUSTRATIONis a hallmark of the Spring season. Your shorter than normal fuse is not just a figment of your imagination. As many of you know, we have some serious tools in our kit to help you address this seasonal unsettle. We are here to help you tackle whatever is confronting you this season!

So don’t wait to schedule your next appointment whether it’s for an emotional reset, preparation for your upcoming physical activities, or simply for a seasonal tune-up to ensure you are On Point! throughout the coming year.

And as always, thank you for trusting us to keep you On Point!