Massage, Anyone?

May 7, 2019 | News

This is going to sound like simply a sales pitch, but I’m talking to myself here too.  

Regularly scheduled massages!  Why? In general, our culture thinks of massage as a luxury, or as a treatment for particular injuries.  Get it fixed then move on. Admittedly, I have been guilty of this as well.

In my practice, I see that the people who come in regularly, really can affect long-term change in their bodies and even in their wholistic selves!  I’ve seen chronic tightnesses disappear, alignment improve, gait improve, and internal functions improve as well!

 People have said that making the commitment to take care of themselves on a regular and ongoing basis, has given them a better, kinder relationship with their bodies, has helped them to become more relaxed and able to cope with situations, has made them feel more generous and able to give back to the people in their world, and has given them a generally more positive outlook on life.  Not small potatoes.

Regular doesn’t necessarily mean weekly!  Monthly, or bi-monthly could make more sense for you.  It’s about making the pact with yourself to put your body and your health first sometimes.

As I’ve talked about before, touch has numerous health and wellness benefits!  You deserve to be healthy and well.