Slow Down . . .

May 7, 2019 | News

Woah! Let’s just slow it down a minute okay? It’s Friday, the weekend is just around the corner. Sure, maybe you didn’t get your usual Friday morning cinnamon roll and iced chai, but life is going to be okay.

Sure it might not feel like it right now, but you will pull through.

This is the power of meditation. It has both immediate and long term effects. In those moments when you find yourself spiraling out of control, taking a few deeps breaths and finding your center will realign your day in the moment.
But the real power of meditation is the effects it has in the long term. These are incalculable in the moment, but one morning you will wake up and find that you no longer are unsettled by your lack of chai.

As for me, I need to get back to my breathing.