Summer Self Care!

Jun 18, 2019 | News

Self care in between visits!!

Ok, I may be one of the worst at this.   So I’m making a public pledge right now to slowly begin to take better care of myself in between visits to my wonderful healing angels.  

Seriously, if your lower back starts to bother you, do a simple quad stretch, calf stretch, and if you’re very motivated a gentle hamstring stretch, right when you feel your back starting to talk to you!  It could stop the pain and turn it around.

Foam rolling.  Studies have shown that rolling pressure can help lengthen muscles and release tight fascia which increases range of motion and relieves joint constriction.  AND no need to roll so hard and deep that you’re tearing up. Light, repetitive rolling is very effective at releasing and lengthening.

These things can help alleviate that lovely morning tightness and immobility!  

If you can incorporate some self care in between visits you, may be able to work on other issues during your visits instead of having to go after that same shoulder, neck, low back tension each time!