The 6th Chakra

Feb 12, 2019 | News

Liz Burritt talks about the 6th Chakra at Bodies On Point Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and massage in Denver, Colorad

Chakra Series

The Sixth Chakra – the Third Eye Chakra, The Brow Chakra  ( Ajna “beyond wisdom”)

Located:  Between the two eyes on the forehead.


Associated with:  Intuition, imagination, wisdom, ability to think and make decisions.

You might have heard of the Sixth Sense, the intuitive sense that goes beyond what our 5 physical senses can tell us.  This sense is “housed” in this chakra.


The Sixth Chakra can help you expand your awareness, and the 5 physical senses can give us clues as to how and when to follow our intuition.  


We can get more adept at following our intuition.  If you become aware of subtle feelings or hunches you have about things, situations, people etc., these can be signals or clues that can help you make decisions.  It’s your inner wisdom. I think often we place less value on these more subtle signals because we are bombarded by things in our physical world; opinions and sales pitches and “helpful hints” from others… pressures from everywhere.  Try following a hunch or a subtle feeling you have, even if it goes against an entrenched grain or a societal norm, see what happens. Take note. Try trusting your intuition.


Color:  Indigo


Element:  all elements combined – Light


Gemstones:  amethyst, lapis lazuli and azurite


A balanced Sixth Chakra:  both hemispheres of the brain function in harmony.  The right side’s creativity and synthetic thinking is integrated with the left side’s logical and analytical thinking.  It allows us to access our inner guidance, see beyond the mind, access deep truths, examine self-limiting ideas. It allows for a clear sense of justice and ethics.  


An imbalanced Sixth Chakra:  

Can manifest in spiritual and psychological disorders:  frustration, anxiety, phobias, aimlessness, trouble with concentration.  

Can result in headaches, migraines, hormonal issues, depression.


Positions to strengthen and open the Sixth Chakra:

Downward Facing Dog:  

Start on all fours on the floor with a flat back.

Tuck toes under and exhale lifting pelvis up and straightening your arms and legs as you lift.

Let your heels sink toward the floor.

Press your palms and fingers into the floor as you lift your sit bones up to the sky.  



Child’s Pose:

Start on all fours.

Let your tailbone lead you back toward your feet, leaving hands where they are.

As you lower your pelvis toward your heels, slightly separate your knees to create space for your torso.

Folding at the hips and the knees, relax down into the floor as your arms reach on the floor above your head.  

Let your third eye rest on the floor.  



Activities for the Sixth Chakra:


Night walks, looking at the sky

Reading all sorts of mystical wisdom

Keep a dream journal

Using violet or lemongrass essential oils


Affirmations for the Sixth Chakra:

I am wise, intuitive and connected with my inner guide.

I trust my intuition

I seek to understand and to learn from my life experiences.  

I listen to the wisdom of elders

I am open to inspiration and bliss.