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Allergy attacks are the worst!  Headaches, itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, pressure, sneezes, you name it, you hate it.

 In Chinese medicine, we refer to this as a wind invasion. To prevent a wind invasion, you need to put up protection, or a wind screen.  Allergy is based on the classic formula Yu Ping Feng San, or Jade Wind Screen with Huang Qi, Fang Feng, Bai Zhu, which is formulated to boost your immune system so you can naturally prevent colds, flus, and allergy attacks.  The additional ingredients, Cang Er Zi, Bai Zhi, are added to attacks the allergens and keep you feeling free of the hazey head. These herbs are soaked in a 70/30 blend of alcohol and glycerin for 4 weeks, then strained and bottled.

 In western medicine, these herbs will increase your immune system, are anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, and anti-bacterial. In Chinese medicine, these herbs tonify Qi, strengthen spleen and lung Qi, and clear wind.

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