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No one wants to catch a cold, so at the first sign of a cold, sore throat, runny nose, sneeze, etc, take 3 drops of my proprietary blend of traditional Chinese herbs, 3 or more times per day to kick that cold before it has a chance to set in.  My blend contains Ban Lan Gen/Istidis, Chuan Xin Lian/Andrographitis, Lian Qiao/Forsythia Fruit, Ge Gen/ Kudzu Root, and Bo He/ Mint. They are soaked in an 70/30 blend of gluten free vodka and glycerine for 4 weeks, then strained and bottled. These herbs are traditionally used for clearing heat and relieving toxicity.  In western medicine terms, these herbs can be viewed as antibacterial and antiviral. They will clear that cold without wiping out all the good germs your body needs for everyday protection.

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