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Muscle Salve is my proprietary blend of Yu Jin/ Curcuma Tuber, Tao Ren/ Peach Kernel, Chuan Xiong/ Lovage Root, Bai Shao/ White Peony Root, Grape seed oil, shea butter and beeswax.

These ingredients are Traditional Chinese herbs used for invigorating the blood. They break up blood stasis, balance each other in warming and cooling, and enter the liver.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, blood invigorating herbs are used for stagnation, or sore, tight muscles.  The muscles and ligaments are related to the liver channel. Together, these herbs are viewed as “anti-inflammatory” in western medicine.

This salve will soothe inflammation and tight, sore muscles, creating more mobile muscles and joints without the cold feeling or medicine smell of other products.

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