R&R Tincture 2oz. Subscription

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R&R, or Rest and Relax, is my proprietary blend of traditional Chinese herbs Xiang Fu/ Cyperus, Bai Shao/White Peony Root, Yu Jin/ Curcuma Tuber, He Huan Pi/ Silk tree bark, Gan Cao/ Licorice root, and Chen Pi/ aged tangerine peel.

These herbs are used for regulating Qi, tonifying blood, invigorating blood, nourishing the heart, and calming the spirit.

These herbs are soaked in a 70/30 blend of gluten free vodka and glycerine for 4 weeks, then strained and bottled.  The combination of these herbs will allow your body and mind to calm down, rest, relax, and sleep. You will feel calm and rejuvenated without the groggy and drugged feeling that over-the-counter sleep products may cause.

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