The Chakras

Jan 8, 2019 | Exercises, News

Years ago I did a series of Vision Quests outside San Francisco and we spent a lot of time learning about our chakra system its function,  and how we could help to activate and strengthen each chakra.


The word chakra means “wheel of spinning energy.”  A simple summary of our chakra system is that we have 7 major (and many minor)  energy centers, described as whirling vortex-like powerhouses of energy. These can be thought of as invisible rechargeable batteries.


It is said that each chakra is governed by principles of consciousness and spiritual laws that we can employ to create greater harmony, happiness and wellbeing.


These 7 chakra run in a vertical line up and down our spine.  

Chakras are thought to connect our spiritual body to our physical one.  They regulate the flow of energy that runs along the meridians of our body.


At times our chakras can become blocked due to stress, emotional or physical problems.  This can result in poor energy flow which may cause physical discomfort, illness or a sense of being emotionally or mentally out of balance.


Coming soon, explorations of each of our 7 major chakras.