The Cure For The Uh . . . .Stomach Issues

Dec 28, 2019 | Herbal Medicine

There are all sorts of ways gut health can affect your life. Maybe you ate too much of that delicious meal and now your stomach is feeling pain. Likewise, maybe you know that sauce is going to upset your stomach after you indulge. Perhaps you’re traveling and things just aren’t moving how they normally would. With all that can affect gut health, having a tincture to relieve symptoms can be a lifesaver.

Gut Health and the Body

Did you know that frontal lobes headaches can also be a sign of bad food in the stomach? Symptoms of a frontal headache include:

  • Dull, aching pain felt around the head

  • Tenderness on scalp, face, neck, and shoulders

  • Tightness or pressure around the head

The stomach meridian runs along the forehead and that can actually be a sign that your stomach is upset.

Tinctures for Tummies

The Cure is my tincture created to help your gut get rid of what’s got your gut upset. Three dropper fulls every 2-3 hours until the gut starts to feel better and get your digestive tract back to normal.